Dr. Eman Al-Mohawes

Security Forces Hospital Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Title: Breast MRI indications and impaction on therapy


Breast cancer is a leading cause of death amongst women worldwide. Advanced diagnostic techniques may reduce the mortality rate due to breast cancer. Mammography ensures early diagnosis and a better chance for treatment and recovery from breast cancer.

Breast MRI has been shown to detect an increased rate of small node-negative cancers in women at high risk for breast cancer. Breast MRI is a useful screening tool when used as an adjunct to mammography in high-risk women. Breast MRI is an exciting but evolving field. Indications and interpretive guidelines continue to evolve.


Dr. Eman Almohawes is a consultant in diagnostic radiology and women's imaging, Director of clinical medical services at security forces hospital Dammam Saudi Arabia. As one of the leading figures advocating for the early detection and screening of breast cancer for women in Saudi Arabia. She was the honorary chairperson of the early detection breast cancer campaign in 2017. Founder of breast cancer screening program at security forces hospital Dammam established in 2017.

Honored for participating and valuable contributions as organizer and speaker in the success of women’s health and imaging conferences as well as cancer conferences. Honored by Saudi Minister of Health Dr. Tawfeeq AlRabiya for the volunteer participation and work in breast screening at Saudi cancer foundation on international volunteer day 5th /Dec/2017. Member of the European society of breast imaging 2018(EUSOBI).