Virtual Conference
Dr. Salim Al Rahbi

Dr. Salim Al Rahbi

The Royal Hospital, Oman

Title: Surgical management of pregnancy-associated breast cancer


Breast cancer is the most common cancer in females. There is increase in the incidence of breast cancer in younger age groups worldwide and specially in the eastern and middle east countries. Pregnancy-associated breast cancer or gestational breast cancer defined as breast cancer diagnosed during pregnancy or in the first postpartum year. The diagnostic and management approach of gestational breast cancer is almost similar to non-pregnant women with some modification to limit any harm to the fetus and the mother. There is conflicting data about the prognosis of gestational breast cancer, with some studies suggest worse outcome compared to non-pregnant women. In this article we will review the recent recommendation for the surgical management of breast cancer during pregnancy.


Dr Salim completed his medical training at the college of medicine at Sultan Qaboos University and graduated with MD certificate in 2005. He started his surgical training under Oman Medical Specialty Board in 2009 and graduated in 2012 with Board certificate in General Surgery. Then, He joined a fellowship program in breast surgery at TTSH in Singapore in 2013 under Singapore Medical Council. Currently he is consultant General and Breast Surgeon and director of surgery at the Royal Hospital, Muscat.