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Ms. Gordana Milos

Ms. Gordana Milos

University of Mostar, Croatia

Title: Association of the level of awareness of lymphoedema with the level of quality of life among breast cancer survivors


Cancer-related lymphedema (BCRL) is still a topic. This literature review aims to raise awareness of the necessary education and awareness raising for a higher level of quality of life for breast cancer patients. Although there are numerous risk factors for the occurrence of LE, among women with BC, we find in the available literature, low level of experience, awareness and knowledge about LE. There is a noticeable low level of education among breast cancer patients before surgery, during treatment, recovery and survival. Specialization and education are necessary for health professionals who will have enough time to educate patients. There is a visible lack of effective educational protocols for raising awareness about LE prevention. A low level of awareness and knowledge about LE has a major impact on poor BC treatment outcomes. Women with breast cancer and BCRL may suffer from psychological morbidity such as anxiety and depression. 


Gorna Milos is a Ph.D. student, from the Postgraduate Doctoral Study of Health Sciences, Faculty of Health Studies, University of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Master of Physical Therapy in his own business. Carcinoma Exercise Specialist, CETI, Training Institute, Oregon USA, Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist, Emmett Therapist, MLD, CDP. Live in Makarska Republic Croatia.